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After the content has been dropped, you can click the DroSaving the page will create it.p Bucket to open Drop Main Window.

Drop Main Window

As you can see there are three tabs inside Drop's Main Window, namely: Texts, Files and Folders.

To drag out data from there tabs, just select that data and start dragging. The main window will disappear, so that you can drag the selected data on an external application like Windows Desktop or on a webpage.

"Texts" tab

"Texts" tab stores the list of dropped texts and links. Each item in this list contains a preview of that text or link (shown in Bold and large font) and the complete text in smaller font below the preview. For links, if you are connected the Internet, Drop will fetch the Title of that link (if it has one) and replace the preview texts with that title. If Drop fails to fetch title of that link or if Internet is not connected, then Drop will replace it with the original text.

When dragging multiple texts or links, Drop will concatenate them. For example, if you have a link "" and a text "Hello, how are you?", then when you drop them to a textbox on a webpage or external application, Drop will concatenate them like this ", how are you?".

"Files" and "Folders" tab

"Files" and "Folders" tab works same as "Texts" tab, but the only difference is that when multiple files and folders are dragged and dropped, they are not combined like texts and links. They are separately copied to the user selected destination.


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