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Clipboard Monitoring allows Drop to fetch data from the Clipboard. If you don't want to Drag or Drop the content and want to use Windows Copy function (from right click context menu or using Ctrl+C shortcut key), you can enable Clipboard Monitoring and Drop will automatically add data from the Clipboard when you copy it from an external application or a web page.

Clipboard monitoring also enables copying and deleting data from the Drop main window using right click context menu or shortcut keys.

After enabling Clipboard Monitoring, select the data from any one of the tabs of Main Window and either right click > Copy to clipboard or press Ctrl+C shortcut key to send selected data to clipboard. Texts and Links will be concatenated when sending data using this method. (See Using Drag and Drop for more.)

To delete data just press "DEL" key on keyboard or right click > Delete from Drop.

Note 1: Deleting files and folder from Drop will not delete them from disk. But texts and links will be deleted permanently.

Note 2: Clipboard Monitoring is not available in Drop Lite.

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